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“Naturally safe cutting boards and kitchenware without the toxic, synthetic and/or petroleum based chemicals found in most cutting boards. From our organic finishes to our all natural gum tree rubber feet. We go out of our way to create products that are as natural as possible and healthy for your family to use. Why buy expensive organic food just to place it on either a plastic cutting board, a glue filled bamboo board (usually an untested glue) or a wooden board containing toxic glues (untested) or scrap lumber or lumber obtained in unethical ways? When you now do have a choice. Urthware, naturally safe kitchenware…ZERO glues and ZERO petroleum based coatings. They are the most natural and safe cutting boards we can possibly produce…We use North American Hard Maple for most of our cutting boards. Hard Maple has the perfect blend of hardness for durabilty and softness to not dull your knife blades. It also has been shown in studies to not harbor bacteria.”

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