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This is the site I recommend most for inexpensive natural fiber mattresses. “Handcrafted natural fiber mattresses, pillows, and accessories without toxic chemicals” since 1981. They make all-cotton mattresses without springs because “the use of steel in mattresses is responsible for enormous amounts of air and water pollution every year, not to mention the devastation that strip mining has on the land where coal and iron ore are extracted.” In addition, each and every mattress has been made entirely by hand. “I can put a mattress-crafter in a room with a natural fabric mattress case, a bale of cotton, a needle, some thread, and just her two hands, and she will come out with a 100% handmade mattress that is more comfortable, more supportive, will not poison the earth or the sleeper and costs less than $300.” Made from “green” cotton scrap fibers (they are too short to spin for textiles) which have had had no chemical processing after harvesting–no bleaching, fungicides or dyes. They also make pillows filled with kapok, buckwheat, wool, buckwheat/wool, or organic cotton, wool toppers, and “The Stowaway”–a smaller version of their mattress that can be rolled up, tied, and carried for an exercise mat or traveling. Also organic cotton sheets, 100% cotton mattress pads, and bedroom furniture. ”The environmental stewards at White Lotus believe that if the cost of saving the earth and protecting one’s health was out of reach for most people’s budgets, true progress would never be made. For that reason, in part, White Lotus is very efficient with resources and keeps its prices where almost everyone can take part in making the world a better place.” 100% of their energy is supplied by wind power. When you call to place an order, tell them I sent you.

Listen to my interview with White Lotus Home President Marlon Pando.

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