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“According to historical account from fifteenth century France, there was a band of thieves who anointed themselves with various aromatics such a cinnamon and clove, prior to robbing the homes of plague victims. The thieves never became ill and once captured were forced to relinquish their secret formula.” Today Young Living has created a whole line of household cleaners and personal care products that utilizes therapeutic grade essential oils to provide an effective natural disinfectant without the negative, harmful side effects of synthetic chemicals. It destroys not only harmful bacteria, but also viruses and other microbes, and is so safe for us to use that a warning label is not required. The line includes original Thieves essential oil, household cleaner, foaming hand soap, toothpaste and mouthwash, hand sanitizer, and lozenges. Young Living grows most of their plant ingredients on their own organic farms and  makes a practice of sustaining the supply of the wildcrafted ingredients from which their products are made.

Listen to my interview with Young Living Essential Oils distributor Jackie McLaughlin.

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