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My Objective



(of a person, animal, or other living organism) grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment.

“wild plants flourish on the banks of the lake”

I had to smile when I read this after nearly forty years of creating particularly favorable environments that would result in flourishing human beings. But here it is, right in nature…favorable enviornments are essential to the health of all living organisms.

My objective is for everyone to have the freedom to flourish in body, mind, and spirit, without obstruction from toxic chemicals.

Whatever your dreams, goals, or aspirations may be, eliminating exposures to toxic chemicals from consumer products clears the way to achieving them

My Ideal Vision for a Toxic-Free World

  • Everyone lives in a SAFE HOME—All homes are built with of toxic-free materials and only toxic-free products are used within.
  • Anyone and everyone can walk into any and every store and purchase a wide variety of affordable products without needing to evaluate if they are toxic or not—because they are all toxic-free.
  • Everyone is in agreement that toxic-free is the standard for life. There would be no need for regulations because everyone is in agreement on this.
  • Every PUBLIC BUILDING is SAFE—All public buildings—including all stores and offices and businesses or every type—are built with of toxic-free materials and only toxic-free products are used within.
  • All air—indoors and out—is clear and full of oxygen.
  • All water—in waterways and taps—is clear and safe to drink.
  • All food is clean and full of nourishment from continuously-replenished soils.
  • There are libraries of information and educational programs so it is clear which materials and practices are toxic and which are not and the public is well-educated.
  • All services of every type are provided using toxic-free products.
  • All manufacturers of every type make toxic-free products only.
  • All heathcare revolves around support of health and no toxic methods are used.

Creating Your Own Favorable Environment

The reason toxics are a health problem today is simple:

1) we are exposed to too many toxic chemicals and
2) our bodies have too little capacity to eliminate the huge amounts of toxics we are exposed to.

To be healthy in today’s toxic world, we each need to reduce the amount of our toxic exposures down to meet the capacity of our bodies to process and eliminate them without causing harm.

It’s up to you to make that choice.

There are toxic chemicals in the environment. They can affect your health and happiness or not. You have that choice to step out of the toxic world or stay there.

I started with one room. I just removed all the toxic chemicals from my bedroom so I would have a safe place to sleep. Then I created a toxic-free house. And now I want nothing less than to eliminate toxic chemicals from the world-at-large.

Ultimately for me, however, it came down to it not being about toxic chemicals at all any more, but rather about creating my own standards for my life and living them. Instead of accepting the industrial consumer lifestyle, I now think outside the box and find ways to live that affirm and support life. So my interest in toxic chemicals now is not about avoiding dangers, but about choosing health and harmony and love and aliveness.

I often say that having been poisoned by toxic chemicals to the point of disability was the greatest blessing of my life, because it forced me to choose a different path. And following the path of searching for and finding that which is free from toxic effects has led me to find that which supports life.


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