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I’ve put together a list of holiday gift ideas for friends, family, and for yourself.  Most of these items are ones I own or plan to buy.  Please leave a comment if you have additional ideas to share!


Hostess Gifts/Stocking Stuffers


KeepCup Glass Travel Mugs 

A great alternative to plastic or stainless steel travel mugs.  They are made from tempered glass and have an option for a natural cork band for gripping.  The lid is plastic (food-grade polypropylene and polyethylene) but the beverage only passes quickly through that part.


Dryer Balls 

Use these in place of fabric softeners and dryer sheets.  Made from 100% New Zealand wool and free of chemicals.  Trader Joe’s also sells a version of these.


Beeswax Wrap

These wraps come in a variety of sizes.  They are made with GOTS organic cotton and dipped in beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin.  They are a great alternative to plastic wrap and bags.  Trader Joe’s also sell a version of these and they also have beeswax bags.


Urthware Cutting Board

This company makes premium cutting boards and cooking utensils from solid, untreated maple.  They don’t use any glues or chemicals.  Even the feet on the cutting boards are made from natural rubber.  These are built to last!


Kleen Kanteen Tumbler with Straw

Unless you have a nickel sensitivity, stainless steel is a good choice for drinking water.  Kleen Kanteen has been a favorite of mine but I’ve long wished for a non-plastic cap that doesn’t need to be unscrewed so I can use it while cycling.  This fits the bill and can be used for hot as well as cold beverages.  I will remove the silicone tip since I will only be using it for cold water.


For the Home and Car


Molekule Air Mini

This is a new, smaller version of the powerful Molekule Air Purifier.  It’s made for rooms up to 250 square feet, so it’s perfect for a small bedroom or office.  The mini version is made of a medical grade polycarbonate unlike the full-size version which is made of aluminum.  If you are particularly sensitive this might not work for you.  It’s currently is on sale for $319.


Atem Car Air Purifier

A mini version of the IQAir Purifer designed for your car.  Research shows that over 275 chemicals can be present in your car at any given time.  This powerful unit removes 99% of particle pollutants and adsorbs odor and gas molecules.


The Citizenry Rugs

A beautiful selection of chemical-free rugs.  These rugs are made of wool or cotton, with no backing.  A few of the rugs have no dyes and those that are dyed use natural vegetable and animal dyes.  There are no post-production chemicals used.  Please note, they also sell a few animal skin rugs.  I don’t recommend animal skin rugs in general because of the many chemicals used in the tanning process.


Chemex Glass Coffee Maker

This is a one-piece poor-over coffee maker, made of heat-resistant glass.  Use it with Chemex unbleached filters.


Silicone Placemats

A beautiful selection of FDA food-grade silicone placemats.  I don’t recommend cooking with silicone products because there is evidence that they may leach at high temperatures.  As a placemat, the material is safe to use.  They are easy to clean and last for years.  They have a 20% off sale for the holidays.


For Her


Coyuchi Pajamas

These are the most comfortable GOTS certified, organic cotton pajamas that I have ever owned.


Henry Rose Fragrances

I gave up using fragrances years ago because of the lack of transparency around their chemical ingredients. This is the first EWG Verified fragrance.  While they do use synthetic ingredients, they are fully transparent about what they use.  The scents are sophisticated and on par with high-end products.  They sell a sample pack for $20.  This is probably not appropriate for those with chemical sensitivities but perfect for someone who wants a safer alternative to traditional fragrances.


For Him


Organic Latex Travel Pillow  

My husband is getting two of these because he is always leaving things behind on airplanes.  This is the first travel pillow I have found that is made with GOLS certified latex and an organic cotton cover.


Kyrgies Wool Slippers

These are super comfortable house shoes made from felted wool.  You can add a soft, felted insert for extra comfort and support.  The soles are synthetic with a silicone grip but, overall, they are a much more natural choice than conventional slippers.


For the Kids


Nova Naturals Toys + Crafts

This is a unique selection of classic toys such as dolls, dollhouses, trucks, and crafts made from natural materials.  They are pricey, but one-of-a kind.


Natural Earth Paint

These natural, vegan paints are made from earth and mineral pigments.  They can be mixed with oil (we use walnut oil) and are surprisingly easy to use.


I haven’t included any items for teens, which reflects the fact that my two teenagers and I are at a stalemate when it comes to holiday gifts.  They don’t want anything that I want to buy and I don’t want to buy anything they want.  I don’t expect we will reach any common ground but I’ll keep you posted if we come up with any great compromises.


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