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In July 2015 I interviewed a former flight attendant on Toxic Free Talk Radio regarding aerotoxic syndrome—a condition caused by toxic chemical exposure during airplane flights. TOXIC FREE TALK RADIO: Aerotoxic SyndromeL How Flying in Airplanes can Affect Your Health.

Then in January 2017 I posted a link to the GreenMedInfo investigative report on toxic exposures in the aviation industry and other related documents in Q&A: More on Aerotoxic Syndrome.

In June 2017 I posted even more about the subject in Q&A: More on Toxic Air in Airplanes.

And now, this week, the Aerotoxic Association called for an independent public inquiry into the possible technical solutions to contaminated air on planes. An “Independent Public Inquiry at the International Criminal Court in The Hague into all the evidence, for and against, of the impact of toxic cabin air in aircraft.”

““Our hope is that the court will consider all the evidence on this matter and realise that, based on the precautionary principle, it is vital that the known solutions to this problem in terms of air filtration systems are made mandatory in all aircraft that use ‘bleed air’ for their pressurised cabin air.”

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