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Question from Mary

Do you know what is in enviroclense purifier?
I have mcs and this purifier destroyed my whole home clothes and all textiles.
I can’t breathe in 15 min.
I can’t wash the smell out of anything and nobody knows how to get it out
I only ran the purifier for 3 hours and now I cant live in my home
Smell is between ammonia bleach smell and cascade is how I explain it w a little sweet smell added.
Please can u help me so I can live in my home


Lisa’s Answer

EnviroKlenz is made with MCS users in mind.  Have you tried calling the company and asking them for ideas?  I can’t tell you what you are reacting to because everyone is different.

Here are some threads where other readers have commented on how they have handled odors from air purifiers.  I hope they help,

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