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Question from Roya


I wanted to get more information about Austin Air purifier. I just bought the standard one and and turned it on for the first time on full blast. It made me feel light headed and queasy. Just wondering is this normal because of too much toxins in my home? I bought this because i read that it’s top of the line and even read a study on it from John Hopkins it was also used during 9/11 at ground zero. So, does this normally make people feel this way at first and then it goes away I just don’t understand why it’s making me feel this way.

Lisa’s Answer


I can’t tell you exactly what made you feel ill because everyone is different, though people with hypersensitive have reported reacting to this unit as well as other air purifiers.  The housing is metal though the wheels are made of plastic and some off gassing will occur.  Some people have found that allowing it to run at full power outside or in a garage for a few days helps.

This is a very good unit.  There are a few others that I think are better but you can read more about that in my Portable Air Purifier Buying Guide.  You can read other people’s comments at the end where some reader’s indicate which air purifiers they have reacted to.


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