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Question from Stefany


Hello Lisa, do you recommend any of the finishes in this furniture website? Or is it better to get it unfinished and keep it unfinished (worried due to potential mold or termite). Or would it be better to finish it myself with Vermont natural coatings? (Even though I’ve never done it). Or is there another company you recommend more? I’m downgrading to a basement and would like to invest in a wood bed frame with the money I make from selling. I want to make sure I choose the right bed frame and non toxic finish.


Lisa’s Answer


I would need to have more information from the company about the different stain options.  Teak oil can be natural or it can have added chemicals.  The stain is referred to as “vegetable stain” but provides no further information.  Linseed oil can be an allergen for some so I would test that first before using.  The company looks to be committed to providing safe non-toxic products so I think its worth getting more information from them before taking on the project of staining it yourself.  If you do decide to do it yourself Safecoat Duratone is a good choice.


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