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We’ve heard this before—BPA is leaching from the interior linings of cans into canned food—but a new study shows that different types of food leach different amounts of BPA.

The study suggests that canned soups and pasta can expose consumers to higher concentrations of BPA than canned vegetables and fruit — and although those foods are tied to BPA concentrations, canned beverages, meat and fish are not.

Researchers found that people who consumed one canned food item in the past day had about 24% higher concentrations of BPA in their urine compared with those who had not consumed canned food. The consumption of two or more canned food items resulted in about 54% higher concentrations of BPA.

Once the researchers evaluated what types of canned foods were consumed, they found that eating canned soup resulted in a whopping 229% higher concentration of BPA compared with consuming no canned foods. Canned pasta resulted in 70% higher concentrations, and canned vegetables or fruit resulted in 41% higher concentrations.

In the past, researchers tested can linings for the presence of BPA. This study shows that BPA from can linings actually do elevate levels of BPA in the body.

CNN: Canned foods linked to BPA risk in new study

ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH: The consumption of canned food and beverages and urinary Bisphenol A concentrations in NHANES 2003–2008

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