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Question from Stacey

I have recently read that recycled paper products contain BPA. I switched to recycled paper towels and toilet paper, and even paper plates, thinking they contained less chemicals, but now worry about the BPA in the recycled paper. What are we to use? I use Seventh Generation paper products but think they must be tainted since they are recycled. I am contacting the company…I feel nothing is safe! Thanks so much!

Debra’s Answer

That’s right, BPA is found in virtually all recycled paper.

I understand how you feel. On March 1st, our local water company started adding fluoride back into our water supply. I have a water filter that removes fluoride to nondetectible levels, but I went out to lunch and thought, “All this food is prepared with fluoridated water…” I just didn’t want to eat.

The way things are today, we can’t escape toxic chemicals 100%. What needs to happen is they need to stop being used. It’s possible, we have the technology, it’s a matter of making the choice. Most people still don’t understand there is even a problem.

You actually don’t need to use paper towels or toilet paper. I use cotton towels. And there is such a thing as a bidet, which requires no toilet paper. There are separate bidets, and also bidet sprays that can be added to your toilet. I haven’t really explored this option myself, so that’s about all I can tell you about that.

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