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Question from Tamra

Hi I am trying to find bathroom and kitchen cabinets that will not off gas, and a healthy choice for home. Seems finding a painted finish on cabinets that is Low VOC is difficult, as I am told they do not wear well. Are there any companies you like for MCS? Mainly I have looked at Crystal cabinets ( seems if I understand right that their stained cabinets do have a low VOC finish top coat? But I do not think painted ones do?) Wood Cabinets 4 less I came across on this site, but I did not see much on Crystal cabinets. Also trying to find a more affordable, but HEALTH and not reacting to new cabinets is the most important thing.


Lisa’s Answer

Crystal Cabinets do not specify on their website if their paints or stains are low VOC.  You could call them and ask.  You could purchase solid wood cabinets from Wood Cabinets for less and get them unfinished and have someone paint them for you using a low VOC, or preferably a zero VOC paint.

I can tell you whether or not products are toxic but I can’t tell any individual whether or not they will react to something as everyone is different.  Readers, are there any recommendations for cabinets for those with MCS.


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