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Question from gail smith


I have severe chemical sensitivies, and want to purchase a ceiling fan and dehumidifier that would be safe.

I purchased a ceiling fan, had it installed and have run it for 24 hours on high to get rid of the odor coming from it.

Evidently they dip ceiling fans works in shelac that is supposed to gas off in 24 hours, but this one certainly hasn’t.

Can you give me a brand name that doesn’t have an odor when run.

Similarly, I want to purchase a dehumidifier that doesn’t give off a new odor when turned on, or one that gasses off quickly.

Debra’s Answer

None of the ceiling fans in my house have ever had an odor.

I don’t remember the brands. Some came with the house. I purchased two inexpensive ones in a hardware store. I think the one in the kitchen is a Hunter.

They shouldn’t have an odor. I would return it.

Readers, any suggestions for ceiling fans or dehumidifiers that don’t have an odor?

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