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Question from Darshana


When you are researching again, would you take a look at this popular “ceramic-coated” pan?

I think it’s also the same company that advertises on TV (just started watching some TV again when I can’t choose what to do!)  And it looks so pretty!
I have a GreenChef pan for the rare time I cook eggs, but it is fussy about not being too hot, and my ex ruined one, so I bought a new one, but my housemate uses it with too high a heat, so I may not be able to use the new one when I eat eggs again.  (Off for a few months because of an anti-pathogen herb program I am on.)

Lisa’s Answer

I haven’t looked into this one specifically but I don’t recommend any ceramic-coated pans.  You can read more about it in the Ultimate Guide to Non-Stock Cookware.


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