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Question from Mick

Dear Debra,

Thank you for this very useful website and your book. I have been using xtrema cook wear for the past two years. I was about to purchase an additional pot when I got interested in the ingredients that are using for the ceramic and the glaze. I could not find this information anywhere. It is true that their pots don’t leach metals but since it is such a highly sophisticated technology maybe there is another toxic chemical in this mix that is not tested for??? Since nobody knows what is in it, then nobody actually know what to test for. They tested for metal leaching but that was kind of pointless since they don’t use metal in the manufacturing. So while it is a good marketing tool, it would have been more useful to the consumer if they disclosed what is the material that they are using and then provide tests that these materials are not leaching to the food. Did anybody see the list of material that they are using and the method they use to manufacture? Maybe I didn’t look well?

Debra’s Answer

Here is the response I received from Rich Bergstrom, Founder of Ceramcor, the makers of Xtrema:

I would also add that after more than thirty years researching products I have found that the integrity of the company makes a big difference. There are those who are dedicated to things being toxic free and those who are just making claims. Rich is dedicated to making a healthy product and has decades of experience in the industry. So he knows what to do. I’ve been using his cookware for several years with no ill effects or concerns. In fact, I just bought their new 10 quart pot so I can finally make soup in a ceramic pot.

I’ve also studied glazes and lead and cadmium are the two ingredients to be concerned about. But as Rich says, if there are NO metals in their glaze, no synthetic chemicals and no synthetic materials, it can’t be toxic.

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