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Question from Rick

We hired a painter to redo our master bedroom with BM low VOC paint and after 5 weeks it still smells. We’ve tried a number of things to clear it, but nothing works. I recently read that heating the room to 85-90 as a Bakeout for a couple days might remove the smell. Is that a real way to get rid of the smell?  We cannot move back into our bedroom and winter is coming, so airing it out everyday is no longer an option.

Lisa’s Answer

Here is thread about a similar problem with BM Eco Spec paint.  Read here why I do not recommend bakeouts. AFM Safecoat is a sealer you could apply that is designed to seal in off-gassing chemicals. I recommend calling a green building supply store that has a lot of experience with this. Get their recommendation on which AFM Safecoat product to buy and purchase it through them. Here are two to contact. or


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