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Question from Petra


I have MCS and I am looking for a new computer / laptop, which is working for people with MCS. Do you know something?

Do you know hemp fleece for making filling for a futon by my self?

Which are the best shoes and sandals for MCS?


Lisa’s Answer


I can point you to products that are free of harmful chemicals but I can’t say what anyone will or will not react to because everyone is different.

Here is a post I wrote on the least toxic computers.  You can read through the comments and see what others have said about their reactions.

You can look at Debra’s List for non-toxic shoes.  Again, I can’t tell you what you will or will not react too.

You can try White Lotus for fills to be used for a futon.  They sell buckwheat, kapok, wool, natural latex, and cotton.  I am not familiar with hemp being used as a fill.


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