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Question from R Zamastil

What cookware is it still ok to use? Aluminum is bad, cast iron is bad, teflon/nonstick is bad, and now I read in a blog on this site that stainless steel is bad. (I was planning on getting stainless)Is it only certain types of stainless? What kind do you use? Thanks.

Hi Debra,

I’m following up on your blog Thermalon Nonstick Cookware. There was discussion on Cuisinart’s Green Gourmet and on Thermolon.

I was wondering if your impression on Thermolon feeling more plastic may be isolated to one brand of products.

I too purchased the green gourmet pans and have had them for a while now with no problem. Then I noticed their Greenware Line came out with a 10 piece pots and pan set. I was thrilled! Well I bring the set home and with the slightest use two of the pieces have chips in them, with a quick review search online I noticed that there were other people experiencing the same issue. Although they’re supposed to be non-toxic I cant imagine how safe it is to be swallowing. ( And cuisinart customer service was no help at all!)

On my search I came across Todd English GreenPan by Thermolon and wanted your opionion as stated above that the other comment might be isolated to only that brand of products. I can only find them on HSN and would like to see what you have to say on the matter before I spend wasted money on Shipping and Handling not to mention returning the product.

Also do you think that these products both Cuisinart and Thermolon are safe now but in the future they will find something toxic with these also. I am under the impression that they are both of a new technology that doesnot have much research backing it.

Debra’s Answer

See all my cookware links for everything I have written about cookware. Scroll down to the head AT HOME WITH DEBRA and see the “My New Cookware” article for what I use. “Cookware & Bakeware” under ABOUT gives an overview of all the different types of cookware and my opinion about them.

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