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Question from Bonnie


I know organic framing uses manure fertilizer. I buy cottonique drawstring undewear and did a one time bleach in the past to disinfect. I recently received their socks that had a strange smell which my friend and I wondered if it was a manure odor. I just purchased more undewear. If I do a one time bleach but hold off on wearing them – would it be harmful to my health. I have a thyroid condition and read bleach is bad for the thyroid.

Lisa’s Answer


I’m not a doctor and can’t tell you the exact health impact of a one-time bleach exposure for someone with a thyroid condition.  I don’t recommend using bleach.  Most bleach products contain several ingredients so I can’t give you specifics about how harmful the product is without knowing the ingredients.  In general, sodium hypochlorite, a common bleach ingredient has been shown to cause skin and respiratory sensitization, eye irritation, and neurotoxicity.  It is also very toxic to the aquatic environment.  Cotton used for fabric is washed and processed to remove impurities.  I am not aware of any reports of negative health effects from organic cotton due to manure.


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