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Question from Miriam


My son wants some ‘Paw Patrol’ decals for his room.  I’ve found some non-vinyl ones which supposedly are made from a “high quality polyester textile in North America”.

I emailed the vendor and asked if they contain PFAS or lead, BPA, or phthalates.  They replied ”

None of our products have any of these elements.” I’m not sure whether I can just take their word for it, or if there’s anything else to be asking about.


Lisa’s Answer

Unfortunately, there’s no way to verify their response other than testing the items.  There will be a small amount of off-gassing from the polyester and the adhesive but given they are small in size I don’t think there is a big exposure.  It’s definitely better than PVC.  Odor is not a reliable way to determine the amount of off-gassing but it can be an indicator.  If there is a strong smell I would not use them or at least air them outside for a few days.  Also, better not to use them in the bedroom.  Lead is regulated for children’s products and since the company makes specialty children’s products I would hope and assume they would avoid any use of lead so I would believe their claim.  I also wouldn’t expect any need for PFAS.  BPA would not really be an issue unless you were touching them and I assume that will not be the case.  Phthalates can offgas but, again, they have claimed they do not contain any.


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