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Question from Janice

Hi Debra,

Does anyone have any information or experience with the Densshield tile backer board? My contractor wants to use this for our bath remodel around the shower walls. Can’t find any info online regarding odors or offgassing.

Any other moisture resistant options for tile backer boards?


Debra’s Answer

I’ve always used Hardibacker or Durock. These are cement boards.

The DensShield website says it’s the first backer board with a built-in moisture barrier, and it’s mold-resistant. Their product video reveals that the moisture barrier is an acrylic coating, and the gypsum core is “specially treated.”

So this tells me that this is NOT cement board, it’s a coated gypsum board. I don’t recommend other coated gypsum boards because they smell horrible and their coatings tend to fail.

I would tell him you want a CEMENT BOARD. That will give you a higher quality, as well as toxic-free installation.

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