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Question from Patricia

I hesitated in bothering you but I am frustrated with not getting answers to questions regarding dental floss. After reading about the dangers of Pafs Teflon coatings on floss I am trying to find a brand to purchase that is organic and chemical free. I threw my Oral B glide in the trash. I love the Listerine Ultraclean brand because it’s easy to use and doesn’t break but it’s a light blue plastic string. I called them and they said no chemicals. Do you know if that’s true? I went to purchase other organic chemical free brands but after reading bad reviews Like from too thick, breaking easily…to poor packaging I am lost as to what to buy. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I would love to continue using the Listerine product but if it has chemicals I will stop.
Thanks for any feedback.

Lisa’s Answer

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything beyond what the company will disclose.  If the product is plastic, the claim that there are no chemicals is not possible.  Perhaps they said no chemical coatings?  In any case, out of caution, I would not use it.

I use FlossPot. It’s made of silk and is fairly strong.  My teeth are tight together and I do occasionally break the floss but not so often that it bothers me.  I love that is comes in a stainless steel container that can be refilled.


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