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Question from Jordan


Congrats and thank you on being a non-toxic expert! I could really use your help. We are in dire straits trying to find dining chairs. We have been looking for several months and still have nothing. We are looking for vegan, organic/non-toxic, sustainable, fairly made chairs that are soft and comfortable. We also need the seat height a little higher than a lot out there. Aye Aye Aye!! If you have any resources to direct us to, you would be saving our lives. This chair search is giving me a stroke LOL


Lisa’s Answer

I’m not sure what your budget is but I’m sure you are aware that to meet all of the needs you lay out prices will be fairly high.  Do you need a cushioned chair?  If so, I recommend  They have a customizable dining chair that meets all of your needs.  I’m not sure about the chair height but they might be able to make a custom size for you.  You do need to select the option for natural latex fill if you want it to be truly non-toxic.  If you are okay with a solid wood chair there are many more options.  You could even have a cushion for it made with natural fill.  Check out Debra’s List for non -toxic furniture manufacturers.


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