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Question from Michael

I have a toxic brain injury and I just moved into
a condo and it has natural gas heat. I turned it on and got so sick we could not get my pulse down.

I react to mostly hydrocarbons and toluene very bad. I have a Gaba / glutamate receptor

I have a 800 sq foot condo and I’m trying to figure out how to heat it now. I’m in the Midwest and it gets cold.

I read all about space heaters for large rooms and I also read Debras recommendations.

My choice were between a

1) wood base edenpure infrared with metal inside.

2) Penoris oil filled radiator

I tried plastic heaters and they give off odors that make me sick.

I was worried about the oil filled radiator leaking or possibly off gassing because petroleum is the end of me and I go to the ER room.

I was also concerned about the wood base around the eden pure because I react to paint
And chemicals new wood finishes. But I’m more scared of oil.

Do you have any suggestions? Winter is coming and I’m stuck. I was looking for used oil heaters off eBay that may have been off gassed.  As for the Eden pure I would buy that new.


Lisa’s Answer

If you read through some of these old posts on space heaters, readers share their experiences.  Readers, additional comments?


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