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Question from April


Thank you so much for all your priceless info! Seriously. Thank you for this resources. I don’t know what I would do without it! I’m wondering if you’ve reviewed or have any insight into Empire Today’s Home Fresh carpet? It’s being touted as low to no VOCs and hypoallergenic. Not much is said about the installation materials. I’m wondering if this is a valid low cost option. I would greatly appreciate any info you can offer.


Lisa’s Answer

In general, I don’t recommend wall-to-wall carpet as it collects and traps dust and VOCs from the air in addition to the VOCs emitted by the product itself.  I looked at the website and it doesn’t give much information.  They say that it has no VOCs (that is highly unlikely because the backing is made from plastic.  It’s a better plastic than some carpets use but any plastic will emit something.). It doesn’t list any certification to help verify any of their claims.  I would ask them for a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) as well as any testing they have done to verify these claims.  Once you get them post them here and I can take a look.  As you point out, the installation materials also need to be considered.


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