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Question from TG

I’m looking for least toxic options for

1) solid wood floors to replace carpeting
2) solid wood kitchen and bath cabinets
3) bathtub to replace old lead glazed tub

Suggestions appreciated!!


Lisa’s Answer


For solid wood flooring, you need to use a finish that is free of VOCs and toxic solvents.  I recommend Rubio Monocoat, but please understand that it is not as durable as more toxic products.  You can read more about wood finish products on Debra’s List or work with The Green Design Center or Green Building Supply.

For solid wood cabinets, if you want as non-toxic as possible you need to have them custom made.  You can find a local cabinet maker or check out solid wood options on Debra’s List.  You’ll want to choose your own finishes.  The Green Design Center has a good selection of non-toxic finishes.

For tubs, porcelain-enameled cast iron or porcelain-enameled steel are the best choices, though they can be pricey.  You could also have a tub frame built and use all tile on the interior.


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