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Question from Anu


I am looking for toxin free living room furniture.

Is the Amish Chemical free futon truly chemical free?

What mattress should I choose- natural latex, wool, organic cotton, coconut ? What do I ask to know if the mattress is truly non-toxic?

Lisa’s Answer


The Amish futon frame looks to be a good, non-toxic choice.  I would just confirm that the linseed oil is 100% linseed with no added ingredients.  Some very sensitive people do react to linseed oil.  It is not toxic but it can be a problem for some.

I’m not sure if you are looking for mattresses specifically at the futonshop or are asking a vernal question about mattresses.  Here is a good link to an article that Debra wrote about Naturepedic.  In her explanation about why Naturpedic is the best non-toxic mattress it tells you what to consider when buying a mattress.


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