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Question from Karen


I’ve been shopping for large containers to hold whole grains. I’d like to keep the grains in their original packaging so the jar needs to be big to accommodate that. Basically my concern is keeping mice out (as we speak they are making their annual pilgamage in). And I’m not wanting metal containers due to the potential for condensation issues because this will be stored in the cooler basement. Obviously I don’t want to go with plastic. My local discount store has large glass jars that would work well and at a good price. These are generic cookie jars made in China- no brand name. So my question is is glass always a safe bet, or can it also have contaminants? This glass is clear and with no paint or coloring on it.

Lisa’s Answer


Glass can have contaminants but it is typically inert and a safe choice.  Clear glass with no paint or coloring is the safest type of glass but I can’t guarantee that any specific item will have no contaminants whatsoever.  I think question is what is your safest choice?  I can’t think of anything safer than clear glass.  You can read more about glass here.


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