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Question from George

I am looking for a water bottle (glass preferably), to have the alternative to stainless steel.

Since I use reverse osmosis water, it can be 6.5-7pH with no minerals left in it (rain water).

Apparently this type of water due to being ‘demineralised’ can react with stainless and make the stainless leach into the water (chromium nickel etc) to balance the water out.

This would result in using a stainless steel bottle 7 days a week for 2 litres of water a day (14 litres of water in a week) a very unpleasant metal flavoured health hazard.

So I look for glass… (alternatives like you said you look for alternatives).

Problem is, every glass bottle has either plastic, aluminium, or stainless still lids.

The ones with silicon lids that I found are narrow mouth and a pain to drink from.

Where on earth can one get minimum of 1L water bottle without the metal/aluminium?

Lisa’s Answer

Unfortunately, I have not found a glass bottle without a plastic, aluminum, or steel lid that is functional. The only material I can think of that would replace the ones you mention is glass.  I can’t envision how that would be functional.  Readers, any suggestions?


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