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Question from Tanya

During an exhaustive search for truly non toxic toilet paper I came across the following brand: Monkeylips Green Tea Toilet Paper on Amazon.

Have you heard of this toilet paper? If not could you please look into it to see if it really is non-toxic? It’s not very clear so I’m not positive about this but they claim (on Amazon) that it is made of organic green tea. 100% virgin (green tea plant?) pulp. And also unbleached but lightened with green tea as well. I am also not 100% sure about fragrances being involved.

Lisa’s Answer

It sounds interesting but I can’t confirm how it’s whitened, what type of pulp is used and if fragrance is added.  They claim there are no synthetic chemicals or additives.  The websites has no phone number but I submitted questions and will post any answers I receive.  If the virgin pulp is from trees, it will have environmental impact even if it’s not toxic but that is a personal choice.



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