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Question from Terry

What hand sanitizer is the least harmful and would be strong enough for the virus?


Debra’s Answer (guest answer from Debra Lynn Dadd)

Here is a page recommending hand sanitizers for coronavirus. I don’t know if they actually did any research to see if they work on corona visor or if it’s just a list of hand sanitizers.
13 Best Hand Sanitizers to Fight the Coronavirus

The active ingredient in most is ethyl alcohol (ethanol). Two use benzalkonium chloride and one uses thymol as the disinfectant. Scroll down the page and you will see the pros and cons of each.

The first question I would ask is which of these active ingredients kill viruses?

Alcohol DOES kill viruses “on contact”, according to this source.

As for benzalkonium chloride, it deactivates some viruses after 10 minutes of exposure at room temperature, according to this source.

So I personally would choose alcohol. You could purchase any of the hand sanitizers that meet your needs listed in the article or just used plain rubbing alcohol, which you can get at any supermarket or drug store.

Here is a CDC link where you can track cases in the United States. So far the numbers are extremely low. But here you can follow along and see if there is a risk to be concerned about.

I’d also like to point you to the transcript of a Toxic Free Talk Radio show I did where I interviewed Pamela Seefeld, a pharmacist, about colds and flu. We talked about viruses.

Basically you want to support your immune system so it can do its job to control viruses:

  • vegetables and fruits regulate and up-regulate t-cell activity to go to find viruses (You need to have oil, some kind of fat present on the vegetables to be absorbed)
  • control stress
  • reduce toxic chemical exposure
  • do moderate exercise
  • take the herb Andrographis
  • take homeopathic remedy Engestrol by Heel
  • take coconut oil
  • take liquid zeolite

You can read more details about all of these at:

It’s Cold and Flu Season—How to Support Your Immune System and Why You Shouldn’t Get a Toxic Flu Shot


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