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Question from Sandi

I can’t find a radiant heater that doesn’t smell& also have small duraflame which only supposed to smell at first but I still smell have sinus issues & allergies bad headaches t,nausea wondering if from fumes & if toxic?I need heat for bedroom. I’ve googled and called companies with no good answers,all say fumes will go away ,keep looking & when find rated good one,it will have proposition 65Thanks


Lisa’s Answer

Here are a few recommended in these posts:
The Prop 65 label can be misleading.  It does not necessarily mean that it contains a chemical that you are exposed to.  For example, it sometime refers to lead in appliance cords that you are not in regular contact with.  If you find a heater you like, call the manufacturer and see if they can tell you what chemical requires the Prop 65 warning and where it is used in the heater.  That may give you a better idea of the risk.


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