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Question from KL

Is there a safe product that removes ink stains from leather without damaging the leather?

Thanks for the advice.


Debra’s Answer

Good question! I’m dealing with some ink stains myself at the moment, on clothing.

What I did was email the manufacturer of the pen and ask them how to remove the ink stain. They replied with the names of a few products which I haven’t tried yet.

I found for clothing that rubbing alcohol and soap work together, but the soap didn’t work without the alcohol. But the alcohol smells. I’d like a nontoxic way to do this, but I may need to use something like alcohol, rather than throw my clothes away (a pen got in with the wash and ruined about two dozen pieces of clothing).

Another thing I’m considering doing is taking them down to a dry cleaner and letting them try their hand. Then I can wash out whatever residues of spot remover remain.

Anyone have any suggestions for removing ink stains from leather or fabric?

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