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Question from S. S.

What can you tell me about Sentricon Colony Elimination Systemfor termites? The pest control people say it is nontoxic, but I don’t believe them.

Debra’s Answer

I looked up this product on the Internet because I wasn’t familiar with it. It is a bait station filled with bait that is placed a short distance from the building.

One of the first websites that came up was that of the Audubon Society, who recommended it as a less-toxic alternative unfortunately, I didn’t save the URL for the page, but there are many references to this on the Internet.

I understand why the Audubon Society recommends this product: The Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS for the product says that it has low toxicity to birds. But they’re not thinking big enough. The active ingredient in Sentricon is hexaflumuron, which is very toxic in the environment and “may cause long term damage to the aquatic environment”. It will bioaccumulate in fish. Because of this, warnings are given that this pesticide should not enter bodies of water. The half-life of hexaflumuron to range from 40-160 days, which means that only half of the pesticide will break down in this time period.

Here are some links where you can read about Sentricon and hexaflumuron:

My suggestion for termites would be to use Timbor MSDS sheet . It is made from 98% Disodium Octobforate Tetrahydrate, also known as boron sodium oxide, which is made by heating boric acid. The remaining 2% is simply absorbed moisture. This is a very safe product to use–the only hazard listed is by ingestion, so you’ll want to keep it away from kids and pets, but otherwise, it’s pretty safe.

My husband Larry has been using Timbor on our investment house that we are remodeling. He did a lot of research on it. He told me that in New Zealand, this product has been so effective that it had virtually closed down the pest control industry. Wood is now routinely sprayed with this product before homes are constructed, and they have no pest problems. It lasts forever, will kill wood-eating insects, and will protect wood from being eaten.

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