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Question from Miriam

I generally try to avoid acrylic but my son would really like this lamp for his room that is acrylic.  Would you consider this non-toxic?

The description says:
Expertly crafted of acrylic and iron.
Metal parts are finished in Satin Nickel.
On/off switch located on clear cord.
Shade is included and exterior is made of linen.
Interior is lined with polystyrene.
All our shades are designed with an UNO fitter for securing shade to base.

Lisa’s Answer

Wow, that is a cute lamp!  Sadly, I would not recommend placing it in a child’s room.  We all make choices about the level of toxicity we allow in products in our home, but I consider bedrooms to be the most important room to keep as toxin free as possible,  Acrylic is made from acrylonitrile, a special group of vinyl compounds.  Scorecard: Chemical Profiles: Acrylonitrile notes that it is a carcinogen.

Also of concern is the polystyrene lining. The EPA consider styrene, which is a primary component of polystyrene, a probable human carcinogen.



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