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Question from Pia

is pyrex safe for food storage and cookie? and what is the safest cookware? and are mason jars lead-free ?

Lisa’s Answer


Pyrex is safe to use.  Pyrex made in the United States is made from soda lime glass.  The only glass that uses lead as an ingredient is leaded glass (otherwise known as leaded crystal).  Lead can be found in small amounts in other glass as a contaminant.  The main source of contamination is recycled glass.  Out of caution, it is best to avoid recycled glass.  Colored glass is often made with recycled glass, so again out of caution, it is best to avoid colored glass.  Mason Jars, as long as they are not recycled or colored, are probably fine.  Decorations on glassware can be a source of lead so it also best to avoid glassware with decorations.  You can read more about lead in glassware here.

My favorite brand of cookware is Xtrema.  I will be publishing a Buying Guide for cookware in the near future.  In the meantime, you can look at recommended brands on Debra’s List.


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