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Question from Kathryn

Hello!  Curious if you’ve seen the LifeStraw glass water filter and think it could be valuable if not currently able to install a full filtration system…  thanks!

Lisa’s Answer

It’s good to see a countertop filter with a glass jug and an activated carbon filter.  Without doing a full analysis of other pitcher filters in the price range ($55), I can only give you a cursory assessment.  It doesn’t seem to filter harmful chemicals such as chlorine and lead as well as mainstream brands like Brita.  For example, Brita filters out 99% of lead and chlorine while LifeStraw filters 97% and 95.4%, respectively.  You are making a tradeoff of a glass pitcher for less effective filtering.

If you can afford a bit more, Pure Effect, which is what I have in my house, offers a counter top model for $170.  It does need to be hooked up to your faucet and does have plastic housing but it does the most comprehensive job of filtering chemicals and contaminants that I have found.



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