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Question from Sue

I read through the recommendations for space heaters on this site.  I did further research, and though the suggestions are low-offgassing, they are not low-emf.  I have severe electrical sensitivities (as well as severe chemical sensitivities).  I had a Lakewood oil-filled radiator heater with 2 prongs which died, and then I found a Lakewood oil-filled radiator with 3 prongs on the cord, and it was much more emf-safe for me (than the 2-prong one).  I bought them both USED, so they were off-gassed.  The 3-prong one just died.  I have been unable to find a 3-prong replacement by any brand.  I am willing to try any type of space heater, as long as it is both low-emf and low-offgassing.


Lisa’s Answer

Readers, any suggestions?


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