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I just want to tell you about a material that I’ve known about for a while, but am just learning all the ways it can help us with air pollution problems.

The material is ACTIVATED CARBON in the form of FELT or FABRIC, a non-woven fiber made of pure anthracite activated carbon.

Anthracite is naturally occurring mineral. It has the highest carbon content (between 92% and 98%.) and the fewest impurities and is the highest ranking of coal.

Most activated carbons are made from charcoal, which is made by burning various animal and vegetable materials.

So this is an extremely pure type of activated carbon.

Because it is made from 100% carbon, activated carbon felt has the advantage of being able to adsorb a large volume of volatile pollutants at a fast speed. It is widely used in solvent recovery, air purification, water treatment, gas masks, cigarette filtration, and in many other applications.

A sheet of activated carbon felt can adsorb volatile chemicals of many types in applications where an air filter may be impractical.

  • emissions from interiors of new and used cars
  • emissions from new mattresses
  • smoke odors from furniture
  • fragrance chemicals
  • pet odors
  • moldy odors in basements, lofts, and attics
  • air freshener odors
  • sofas
  • kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • carpets

The limitation to using activated carbon felt is it cannot be sat on or washed because it contains no additives to bind the carbon together. To use, it needs to be encased in layers of natural fiber fabric. Place it in sun or wind to regenerate.

You can order Carbon Felt at Nirvana Safe Haven.

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