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Question from Melanie


I live in Minnesota, but will not be using my furnace this year. I believe there is mold in the air ducts. Had everything else checked but when I put it on I feel really out of it and last winter there was a lot of water dripping into my closet from the furnace & possible roof leak.

I will be able to get out March 1st. I have an infrared space heater & a utility heater you recommended. What can i do to make sure air doesn’t get too dry as I’m allergic to mold? I don’t want to get headaches or freeze to death with no heater either?

And what do you think about e3 air purification candles do they work?


Lisa’s Answer


Mold can grow in air ducts as it can feed on dust.  But it sounds like you may have a problem instead of or in addition to the duct work.  If you have water dripping into your closet that is a likely source.  I’m not sure I fully understand your question but if you are asking if running an infrared heater will kill the mold, it will not.  You need to find the source and eliminate the source of moisture.  Also, dry air will not increase mold, moist air will.  I looked at the candles.  They use a botanical blend that they do not disclose and provide no scientific evidence to support their claims.  I would not reply on this to eliminate mold spores.  You really need to find the source of the mold and eliminate the moisture that it needs to grow.


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