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Question from Summer


I am writing to learn more about what mattress cover to purchase. Are you familiar with Boll and Branch’s organic mattress cover?
This looks good to me and I thought I’d check here in case there’s another brand/company/consideration I haven’t thought of.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


Lisa’s Answer


This mattress protector is made from a GOTS certified organic cover, which is great.  The fill is organic cotton but it is not certified.  It is treated with an anti-microbial that is permitted by OEKO-TEX for their Standard 100 certification.  OEKO-TEX does permit a number of different fire retardants and anti-microbial that they have determined are non-toxic.  I would need to know more about what anti-microbial is used.  But, I believe there are safer alternatives.


The reason I so strongly recommend Naturepedic is because their entire facility is GOTS certified and GOTS has the most stringent standard.  Their mattress cover is 100% GOTS certified cotton.  It is a waterproof pad so it does have a polyurethane barrier.  The polyurethane is GOTS certified which ensures that no harmful additives are added.  In its pure form, polyurethane is non-toxic.  This is a great option if you need a dust-mite barrier.


This mattress pad is 100% GOTS cotton and does not have a waterproof barrier.


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