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Question from Suzie

I’m looking to find out what waterproof mattress protectors are least toxic for my daughter’s bed.
I bought one from a reputable company made of organic cotton and what I assumed was a P.U.L.  waterproof membrane. When I arrived it smelled that horrible toxic plastic way. It turns out the membrane is polyester. Would this give off a smell and is it toxic?
Another (cheaper) option I was looking at was an organic cotton with polyurethane laminated directly onto the back. Do you think this would be less toxic?
Any other options I could look into?  Do you think I should return the one I have bought?


Lisa’s Answer

Polyester will offgas.  Polyurethane is less toxic and a better option.  I recommend this one from Naturepedic.  Pure polyurethane is one of the least toxic plastics but some have additives that are not disclosed to consumers.  Read more about the toxins in plastics here.

Naturepedic is GOTS certified and uses pure polyurethane.


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