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Question from Kristin

I’d like to wrap my mattress to protect myself from off-gassing. My research has brought me here, after this site was referenced in an idea to use foil insulation. I love this idea, but does it pose any risks?  Are there any toxins I need to be aware of that might be added to the insulation? Any recommendations on brands? If I buy a polyethylene roll to wrap, what are the specs I’m looking for. So many choices pop up, and I’m not sure exactly what I’m looking for except high density, clear. Does it need to be food grade?


Lisa’s Answer

I believe you are referencing this post from 2011.  Debra recommends a specific product that is just aluminum foil and polyethylene.  I would be very careful to select a product that does not have any added chemicals.  Here is a company that sells polyethylene wraps for mattresses.  This may be a safer bet.

I know that buying a safe mattress is not affordable for everyone but it is a much safer option than wrapping a traditional mattress in plastic.


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