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Question from Laura

I am a MCS sufferer and for reasons beyond my control I live in a small town with alot of woodsmoke fumes, exhaust from the street we live on, and also formeldehyde fumes from the house itself. I want to find a good air purifier to get me through this until we can move.

I am looking at the Series 400 E.L.Foust

I think from what I’ve heard it has helped many.

I also saw some mention Aller Air . They have a dizzying array of models at hight costs. I would like to know if anyone with MCS has found Aller Air to be better than others or worse and if it compares with the Foust?

I also saw the Aireox purifiers but they are more for rooms and autos and I need a more extensive air purifier. I would like one of these for the car someday. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Debra’s Answer

Personally, I used the EL Foust 400 many years ago and it worked for me. Had one for my car too that plugged into the cigarette lighter.

Readers, what is your experience?

EK-air-spaceSince this post was originally published, a new air purifier has come available that was specifically designed for people with MCS. The metal housing holds two filters: a HEPA filter to remove particles and a filter made from the EnvrioKlenz “core techniology,” made from safe, natural earth minerals that remove both natural odors and volatile toxic chemicals. This technology captures and destroys chemicals and odors for true elimination. More at Debras’s List | Enviroklenz.

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