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Question from Catherine

After sanitizing the moldy basement in the house we just bought, remediators want to apply a protectant/encapsulant to seal the surfaces.  The two possibilities are Bac-Shield ( and Caliwel (  I’m terribly sensitive. What do you think?

Lisa’s Answer

Caliwel claims no VOCs and uses Calcium Hydroxide (lime) as an active ingredient, which is an irritant but not particularly toxic in this application.  Here is an older thread that discussing some companies using hydrogen peroxide for remediation.  Cailwel does not seem particularly toxic but hydrogen peroxide is safer.  As for your personal sensitivity, every individual is different so its impossible to tell what you might cause you to react.

I was not able to find information about Bac-Shield’s VOC content so I would go with Caliwel due to the lack of information.



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