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Question from Liz Schmidt

Whenever our neighbors do laundry it smells up our house. Several times a week I have to go around the house and close all the windows, but by then the smell is already inside so this is of little help. I don’t have MCS, but I’m sensitive to chemical fragrances and I have weak lungs–have had pneumonia several times in the past couple years.

I wrote a letter to all the neighbors and my husband personally talked to the ones we think are the worst offenders, but a year later it’s still going on. In the letter I mentioned some facts about fabric softener as well as my health concerns, but apparently I didn’t use the right tone, or maybe not the right facts. I don’t think these neighbors are jerks, but I’m sure they are ignorant of the dangers of fragranced products.

If anyone has been successful in getting neighbors to switch to unscented laundry products I’d love to hear about your strategy and references, if any. It’s so bad we are considering moving, but that would probably cause more problems than it solves.

Thanks for any advice!

Debra’s Answer

Readers, what have you done that was successful?

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