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Every winter the question of space heaters seems to come up.

Most heaters you will find on store shelves are made with plastic housings, which is the worst choice because heat will cause the plastic to outgas into the air.

I’ve written a number of posts in the past about space heaters. O&A: Portable Heaters With Metal Housings in particular outlines all the types of heaters to look for plus has links to other posts about heaters.

Today I want to tell you about a space heater of a different type that Larry purchased this year at Costco, and I like it so much I took it from him to put in my office (it’s in a building separate from the house where there is no central HVAC and the built-in heater is broken).

I LOVE this heater. There has never been an odor from the beginning.

Though the heating element is suspended in a hard plastic frame, it does not seem to outgas. The only part that heats up the the heating element and the large metal “dish” that focuses the heat in the direction right on you instead of heating the entire room.


I can turn on this heater on a cold morning and in minutes my immediate workspace is warm.

For years I have used small ceramic heaters and more recently a utility heater with metal housing. Both of those have fans that make noise. This is absolutely silent except for a slight hum that is much less noticeable to me.

Here’s another interesting heater I just found on amazon while I was looking up the link for the Presto. The description says “Safe and oderless heat. Eco friendly, does not consume oxygen and does not dry the air.”

UFO Electric Mid-Wave Infrared Heater

It looks like a standard infrared heating element in an aluminum tube. It costs twice as much, but seems to be more portable and can be used indoors or out. This one can be mounted on a wall or stand and in various other ways as well.

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