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Question from Lisa


I have 2 sets of Villeroy and Boch dishes that I received as a gift.  I have the Manoir pattern and the basketweave pattern.  I can not find any good info on whether or not there is lead or cadmium in them. I have heard that there are stricter laws on manufacturing in Germany then here in the USA so I am hoping they are ok.  Do you have any information on this manufacturer? Thank you!

Lisa’s Answer


I assume that the dishes are new.  If so, Villeroy & Boch claims that their dishes use lead-free glaze.  Even when manufacturers use lead free glazes, it’s possible that they could have traces of lead which can be a raw material contaminant.  Typically white dishes are a safer bet.  I believe the Manor pattern is white.  You can read more here about lead in ceramic dishes.

The EU has been evaluating tightening their lead limits for ceramics but it hasn’t been updated since the 1980’s.  I reached out to Villeroy & Boch to see if they meet or exceed California Proposition 65 limits but have not heard back.  I recommend buying white ceramic dishwater that meets or exceeds Prop 65.

Tamara Rubin from tests products including dishes with XRF equipment to see if they contain lead.  You could try that.  The limitation of this is that it tells you if there is lead content but does not tell you if it leaches out of the product.  You can use it as an extra precaution.  The testing, however, is not done in a laboratory and only tests one sample.  It can be a useful tool in some instances.


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