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Question from Jordan


In your “about me” description you mentioned you have built a few homes using nontoxic/low emitting materials. My family and I are going to be building our first home and would like to do the same. I am interested to know how you did this and materials used. So more on this topic would be helpful and I would be willing to pay for a consult as well if that is something you do.
Looking forward to seeing/reading all your knowledge on non toxic living.


Lisa’s Answer

I will be doing paid consultations in the coming months but I am not right now.  If you need to start right away I recommend hiring a BBNC, which is a Building Biology New-Build Consultant.  They are trained specifically for this purpose.  A great place to start is to get the book “Prescriptions for a Healthy House”, 3rd edition, by Paula Baker-Laporte.  A 4th edition is in the works but I’m not sure when it will be out.


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