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Question from Tony

I just had a question about non toxic oven brands, I had an old oven that seemed non toxic and didn’t seem like it was chemically altering my food, but it broke and now my current oven from Frigidaire seems very toxic and it seems like it’s chemically altering my non toxic food (Trader Joe’s), and I’ve been feeling very sick all the time ever since this new oven has been installed. I feel like I’m not getting the health benefits from the food. Do you have any suggestions on any non toxic oven brands or any non toxic baking options? It would really help me out it’s a huge problem.


Lisa’s Answer

You are not alone.  Read this thread, which dates back several years, and has readers posting about similar problems. Some have had success washing the entire interior to remove the manufacturing oil residue and then running the self-cleaning cycle several times with the windows open.  For many others, nothing reduced the odor.  Are you still able to return the oven?  GE seems to have the most reported issues but Frigidaire has also been mentioned.
Readers, has anyone found a new oven that does not have this issue?


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